Every successful brand image starts with a great logo design and we believe the key to a great logo is simplicity

{ Think Nike, McDonalds, Apple, FedEx. }

We spend hours

researching, brainstorming, drafting, designing and perfecting

 until we have developed a mark that will become the centerpiece of your brand.

It is how the world will recognize you.

We call it your stripes.



A great logo has 5 important attributes.

Great designers remove everything that isn't absolutely necessary. The purpose of the logo is not to tell the entire business story - it's purely for identification. A simple logo is easier to absorb and understand, and easier to recall when seen again. Susan Kare, former Creative Director at NeXT, says it best: "The best icons are more like traffic signs than graphic illustrations." 
2. IT's unique
Great logo designs should be memorable, and to be memorable, they must be unique. This is one of the hardest qualities for some clients to accept because there's a fear of the unknown that accompanies being different. Trust us - different is vital when it comes to design (and especially for logo design). You want your logo to STAND OUT, not blend in. 

Great logos are appropriately aligned with the business purpose they are being created for. For example, a logo designed for a children's apparel line will have softer font and more playful colors than one designed for a construction company. There's many other aspects to this, but don't worry - that's our neck of the woods.


Also, a logo doesn’t need to literally depict what a business sells or offers. For example, a cooking company does not need to have a symbol of a pot or pan, a sports company does not need a symbol of a basketball. A logo is purely for identification. If you're still not sold on this idea, check out the top 50 brands of the world – 94% of the logos do not literally depict what the company does.


Any brand design expert will agree: simple logo design is easier to publish across different media, including print, web, stickers, embroidery, signs, promotional gifts, etc.

Additionally, size matters. Does your logo look good blown up to billboard size? Does it look good on a business card or as a favicon?

Your logo should always be delivered in several different formats, including both vertical and horizontal layouts (if possible), different color variations (black & white is always good to have), sizes, and most importantly in vector format (AI or EPS), so that it's scalable without losing quality.


Never accept a logo that's not in vector format.

Logos should not follow trends. Will your logo take your business through 20, 50, 100 years? If not, it's probably not a great logo.


We Do that, too.
It's always best to have clear direction when first using your new stripes and that's where a branding guide comes in. We don't offer extensive corporate guides at this time, but we do offer small-business branding guides, which includes your:
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Logo Design
  • Unique Color Palette
  • Primary and Secondary Font Styles
  • Imagery
  • Voice
  • Social Media Starter Kit (Profile and Cover Photo)